We at BBOBBIE are committed to being as transparent as possible, consciously manufacturing our products in China. As a newly emerging brand we aim to constantly analyse the demand of products, only ordering to meet this supply and in turn, keep our stock levels at a minimum. We guarantee we will not produce and release any products we are not 100% confident in selling. Our suppliers hold several globally recognised certifications such BSCI, ISO9001, Global Recycled Standards (GRS), Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) and Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX.

We strive to use accredited and recycled fibres within our collections. Our apparel pieces are constructed using certified and/or organic materials, where possible. Our swimwear pieces are manufactured and lined in recycled nylon or polyester certified by OEKO-TEX, a globally recognised and respected, independent environmental certification, and the world's pioneering health label for textiles tested against harmful substances. Holding this certification ensures our fabrics are safe for consumer health and well-being. 

BBOBBIE purposefully uses minimal packaging, with each product carefully considered. Our mailers are made from recycled materials, have double-adhesive strips so you can re-use, and are printed on using water-based inks, making these cuties 100% home compostable and recyclable. Our stickers and tissue paper are certified compostable, along with our hygiene stickers - guaranteeing you they’ll only stick around for as long as they are required.