Timeless, minimal by nature and truly considered, BBOBBIE is an Australian unisex children’s lifestyle brand.

Characterised by an undeniable cool kid energy, and inspired by modern, classic forms, we aim to empower children with products that cultivate creativity, playfulness, and an independent spirit. By forgoing passing trends, and thoughtfully designing everyday wardrobe staples, we curate premium collections that are made to be loved and produced to last. At the foundation of our business, we strive to be relatable and inspiring in all that we do. We apply innovative, worldly experience with a unique creative approach and have complete confidence in the product we produce. We are proud of how they look, their quality and how they are made.

With integrity and intention at heart, we are passionate about creating consciously. We mindfully manufacture in smaller batches to ensure quality assurance and craftsmanship with all pieces constructed using durable, considered materials. While continually reassessing our best practice to lessen our environmental footprint, we also only partner with accredited makers who share the same ethical principles we do. We thrive on the energy of collaboration and align ourselves with those who seek to push the boundaries and share our love of minimal, tailored design.

May BBOBBIE accompany you in times of adventure, in moments of calm and bring you joy, always.