We create our pieces with the intent they will be loved for years to come. To increase the longevity and continued vivacity of colour, our recommendations are simple.


Gently hand wash in cool water after each wear, ensuring all sand, salt, and/or chlorine are removed. If your swimsuit is lightly soiled, we recommend using a mild, natural soap only. To decrease chances of fading, dry inside-out, away from direct sunlight. Please do not machine wash, dry clean, soak, bleach, iron, tumble, twist, wring or wash in warm water. Do not excessively stretch swimwear or roll up when wet. Be mindful of harsh surfaces with abrasive textures, as well as sunscreen and alternative types of lotions which can stain or damage your swimwear. 


For best results, wash your apparel in cold water, always turning garment inside out. Opt for a mild and gentle detergent. Do not dry clean, tumble dry, or bleach. When necessary, iron at a low temperature. To dry, hang your garment away from direct sunlight, just bask in the shade and air dry to decrease the chances of fading. 

Washing and taking gentle care of your BBOBBIE pieces will extend their life, while reducing waste and other environmental impacts.